1. The approval of layout is valid for 2 years duration. If the layout
development is not complete in 2 years time, the approval needs to be
renewed before the validity is expired.
2. Under site release regulation, on completion of civil works like
asphalting of road, under ground drainage, storm water drainage, drinking
water, electrification, Authority will inspect the layout and if found
satisfactory the sites vested with Authority(40%) will be released for
3. The park, road, civic amenities sites, under ground drainage, water and
electricity needs to be developed on priority basis within 18 months or
else the layout approval may be revoked without prior notice.
4. Sewage treatment plant will have to be established at appropriate
location conforming to Karnataka State Pollution Control Board guidelines.
5. A license issued under Karnataka Gram Panchayat Act / Karnataka
Municipality Act is essential before execution of development work.
6. Changes in the approved layout are not permissible without prior
approval from Authority.
7. Any existing tree or vegetation to be conserved to the extent possible
and new plants to be grown in the either sides of streets and park.
8. Building in the approved layout shall compulsorily adapt Rain Water
Harvesting and steps should be taken for augmentation of ground water at
layout level.
9. The roads, parks are to be developed and maintained, while civic amenity
sites are to be protected against encroachment till such time Authority may
deem necessary.
10. Approach to adjoining land or pieces of land within layout but not part
of it should be guaranteed.
11. The layout approval is technical in nature; it shall not be used to
prove ownership and any other right on the land.
12. The Authority is not responsible for any civil dispute relating to the
13. If any information or records provided to Authority for approval turns
out to be fake, the approval is immediately revoked.
14. Advertisement for marketing of the plots in the layout should
compulsorily mention approval no. and date.
15. Footpath has to be built on both sides of road to facilitate pedestrian
16. If any of the above conditions are violated, the approval is revoked
with immediate effect without prior notice.