Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 30 of the Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority Act 1985 (Karnataka Act 39 of 1985) and with the previous sanction of the Government of Karnataka, Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority has made the following regulations, namely  

1. Minimum Setbacks 
2. Norms for Approval For Group Housing Plan
3. Parking Requirements
4. Setbacks.
5. Floor Area Ratio, Coverage Area, Height, etc
6. Water Supply.
7. Exemption to open space.
8. Height Limitations.
9. Parking Space.
10. Standards followed for division of Plots in Sanctioning the Sub-Division of Plot.
11. Water Supply, Sewerage, Storm Water Drainage, Street Lights, Road and Electric Supply.
12. Building Lines.
13. Note.
1-Minimum Setbacks for:


1. Exterior open spaces/setbacks for Residential, Commercial, P & S.P., T & T and Public  Utility buildings  upto 9.5 mtrs. in height.
2. Exterior open spaces/setbacks for Residential, Commercial, P & S.P., T & T and Public Utility buildings above  9.5 meters in height.
3. Coverage and F.A.R. for Residential, Commercial, Public and Semi-public, T & T & Public Utility buildings.
4. Setbacks and minimum road width for Group Housing.
5. Setbacks and minimum road width for Semi-Detached Housing.
6. Setbacks and minimum road width for Row Housing.
7. Setbacks, Coverage and F.A.R for industrial Buildings.
8. Regulation for Flatted Factories.
9. Regulations for Rural Development.

Exterior open spaces/setbacks for Residential, Commercial, P & S.P., T & T and Public  Utility buildings  upto 9.5 mtrs. in height.


Depth of site
in mtrs



T&T, P.U.
Public and semi-public

Width of site
(in mtrs.)



T&T, P.U.
Public and
Front Rear Front  Rear Front    Rear Left     Right Left     Right Left    Right
Upto 6 1.00 - 1.00 - 1.50 - Upto6 - 1.00 - - - 1.50
Over 6 upto9 1.00 1.00 1.50 - 1.50 1.50 Over 6 upto9 1.00 1.00 - 1.50 1.50 1.50
Over 9 upto12 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50 3.00 1.50 Over 9 upto12 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.75 1.50
Over 12 upto18 3.00 1.50 3.00 1.50 3.00 1.50 Over 12 upto18 1.50 3.00 1.50 3.00 2.00 3.00
Over 18 upto24 4.00 3.00 3.50 3.00 4.50 2.00 Over 18 upto24 2.50 3.50 2.50 4.00 3.00 3.00
Over 24 5.00 3.50 4.50 3.00 6.00 3.00 Over 24 3.00 4.00 3.00 4.50 3.50 4.50
Note : T.T-Traffic & Transportation, P.U- Public Utility.


Exterior open spaces/setbacks for Residential, Commercial, P & S.P., T & T and Public Utility buildings above  9.5 meters in height.


Height of Building in Meters

 Exterior open spaces/setbacks
left on all sides 
(Front, Rear and Sides)
Min. in Meter.

1. Above 9.5 upto 12 4.5
2. Above 12 upto 15 5.0
3. Above 15 upto 18 6.0
4. Above 18 upto 21 7.0
5. Above 21 upto 24 8.0
6. Above 24 upto 27 9.0
7. Above 27 upto 30 10.0
8. Above 30 upto 35 11.0
9. Above 35 upto 40 12.0
10. Above 40 upto 45 13.0
11. Above 45 upto 50 14.0
12. Above 50 16.0

Note :- The open space to be left shall confirms to the height nescessary to consume the permissible F.A.R.


Coverage and F.A.R. for Residential, Commercial, Public and Semi-public, T & T & Public Utility buildings.


Plot Area in

Residential Plot 
Plot Coverage

 Public & Semi-public, T&T, Utilities Plot Coverage

Road width in Mts.

Max F.A.R. Max F.A.R Max F.A.R


upto 240   65%


  65% 1.00  60% 1.00 upto 6
Over 240 upto 500   60%   0.75   60% 1.00  55% 1.00 Over 6
Over 500 upto 750   60%   1.00   60% 1.25  50% 1.00 Over 9
Over 750 upto 1000   60%    1.00   60%  1.25 50%  1.25 Over 12
Over 1000   60%   1.25   55% 1.50  45% 1.25 Over 15


upto 240   65%   1.00   65% 1.25  60% 1.00 upto 9
Over 240 upto 500   60%   1.25   60% 1.50  55% 1.25 Over 9
Over 500 upto 750   60%   1.25   60% 1.50  50% 1.25 Over 12
Over 750 upto 1000   60%    1.50   60%  1.75 50%  1.50 Over 15
Over 1000   60%   1.75   55% 1.75  45% 1.50 Over 18


upto 240   65%   1.00   65% 1.25  60% 1.25 upto 9
Over 240 upto 500   60%   1.25   60% 1.50  55% 1.50 Over 9
Over 500 upto 750   60%   1.50   60% 1.75  50% 1.80 Over 12
Over 750 upto 1000   60%    1.50   60%  1.75 50%  1.80 Over 15
Over 1000   60%   2.00   55% 2.00  45% 1.80 Over 18

The Table showing maximum plot coverage, FAR, minimum setbacks and minimum road width for Group Housing given below.


Plot Area Minimum
road width in meters 
Maximum plot coverage Maximum FAR Minimum Setback
in Meters
Front Rear Left Right
Upto 0.40 Hectares




5.0 4.5 4.5 5.0
0.40 & 0.80 Hectares 




8.0 6.0 6.0 6.0
Above 0.80 Hectares




9.0 8.0 8.0



1. Group housing means more than two buildings on a plot with one or more floors and with one or more dwellings units in each floor. They are connected by an access of not less than 3.5 mts in width, if they are not approachable directly from the existing roads.          

2. Where the sital area of group housing exceeds 4000sq.mts approval of layout showing the general arrangement of residential building blocks and dimensions of plot earmarked for each building blocks, means access roads and civic amenity areas should preceed the approval to building plan.

3. In case, the height of group housing building exceeds 9.5m, then set back to be left all around the premises shall be as per Table 2 or Table 4 whichever is higher.


Semi-detached house.(back to back or side to side)


1. Minimum combined area of the neighbouring plots :
2. Building Coverage : As applicable Individual plots
3. Floor area ratio : As applicable Individual plots
4. Maximum number of floors : As applicable Individual plots
5. Minimum road width : As applicable Individual plots
6. Front setbacks for back to back plots : Shall be equal to the sum of front and rear set backs of individual plots.
7. Side setbacks for plots joined at the sides :

On a plot on which a semi detached building is proposed the left and right side setbacks are the same as required to the total width of the combined plot treating it as an individual site.

Row Housing (Maximum 12 units, Minimum 3 units)


1. Minimum combined area of the plots


2. Max.Area of each plot : 108
3. Building coverage : As applicable to Individual plots
4. Floor area ratio : As applicable to Individual plots
5. Number of floor : As applicable to Individual plots
6. Maximum road width : As applicable to Individual plots
7. Setbacks min.  : Front   : 2.00m
Rear   : 1.50m
Side   : 2.00m only for end units.

Setbacks, Coverage and F.A.R for Industrial Buildings

Plot area in sq.mts Industry Maximum plot Coverage Min.Setback in Mts. F.A.R Road width
in mts.
Front Rear & Sides
Upto 240 Service 75% 1.00 - 1.00 Over 4.5
Over 240
Upto 1000
50% 4.50 4.50 0.75 Over 6.0
Over 1000
Upto 2000
50% 6.00 6.00 0.75 Over 9.0
Over 2000
Upto 3000
40% 10.00 10.00 0.75 Over 12.0
Over 3000
Upto 4000
40% 12.00 12.00 0.50 Over 12.0
Over 4000 Service
35% 15.00 15.00 0.50 Over 12.0

Note: After leaving minimum setbacks as per the above table, if the remaining portion of the plot cannot be used for erecting the building, the authority may insist for setbacks as applicable for the residential building.


Regulation for Flatted Factories.


1. Minimum plot area


1000 sq.mts.
2. Maximum plot coverage : 40%
3. F.A.R : 1.50 upto 9 mts.road width and 1.75 above   9 mts.road width
4. Minimum set backs : a) Front 8.0 mts
b) Rear  4.5 mts
c) Sides 4.5 mts

Regulations for Rural Development


1. Within 100 mts. from the existing Gramathana, residential developments and other uses at the discretion of the Authority may be permitted.
2. F.A.R : 1.00
3. Maximum No. of Floors : G +1
4. Setbacks & Coverage : As per Table No. 1

2-Norms for Approval for Group Housing Plan  


The following norms shall be adopted while approving the layout plan for group housing:-
1. The boundary roads if any, must have a minimum width of 12 mts.


The F.A.R should be considered with reference to the width of the public road abutting the property and the F.A.R should be calculated after deducting the area reserved for parks, open spaces and civic amenities.
3. The setbacks should be provided with reference to depth and width of total plot area.
4. The coverage shall be with reference to total area of the layout.


The distance between the buildings should be a minimum of half of the height of the tallest building. 


25% of the total area be reserved for civic amenities, parks and open spaces, subject to a minimum of 15% for parks and open space.
7. The means of access to the building blocks in the area of group housing shall be follows:
Access length in mts. Min.width
a) Less than 100 mts 6 mts.
b) 100-200 mts. 9 mts.
c) More than 200 mts 12 mts.

The area reserved for parks and open spaces, C.A. and roads [other than internal access in each sub-divided plot] shall be handed over free of cost to the local authority through registered relinquishment deed before issue of  work order.

3-Parking Requirements


The following shall be the parking requirement.:-

Sl no


One car parking of 3 x 6 mts.
each shall be provided for every
1. Theatres and auditoriums including Cinema theatres except educational institutions. 25 seats of accommodation subject to a minimum of 20.
2. Retail business 50 sq.mtrs of floor area.
3. Wholesale and warehouse buildings 150 sq.mts. plus 1 lorry parking parking space measuring 4 mts x 8 mts for every 500 sq.mtrs. or part thereof.
4. Restaurants, Establishments serving food and drinks and such other Establishments 25 sq.mts. of floor area.
5. Lodging establishments & Tourist homes 4 rooms.
6. Office buildings [Govt/semi-Govt & pvt] 50 sq.mts. of office floor space.
7. Hostels 10 rooms.
8. Industrial buildings 100 sq.mtrs. of floor area plus 1 lorry parking space measuring 4 mts. x  8 mts. for every 1000 sq.mts. or part thereof.

a)  Nursing homes
b)  Hospitals

4 beds.
10 beds.
10. Multi-family dwellings Dwelling unit measuring more than 50 sq.mts. of floor area.
4 dwelling units if it is 50 sq.mts. or less.
11. Kalyana Mandiras 20 sq.mts. of auditorium floor area.
12. Recreation clubs 50 sq.mts. of floor area.
13. Educational buildings 200 sq.mts. of floor area.
14 Other public and semi-public buildings 100 sq.mts. of floor area.





a) The front and rear setbacks shall be with reference to depth of the site.

b) The left and right setbacks shall be with reference to width of the site.


Where the building lines are fixed, in such cases, the front setback or the building line which is higher of the two shall be considered as the setback to the building in the front.


In case of corner sites both the sides facing the road shall be treated as front side and regulations applied accordingly to maintain the building line on these roads and to provide better visibility.


In case of building facing more than two roads, the plot should be considered as corner plot taking two wider roads into consideration.


In case of sites facing roads both in front and rear, both the sides facing roads should be treated as front and other two sides not facing roads should be treated as right and the setbacks be applied accordingly.


In case where the plinth of the building is not parallel to the property line, the setbacks shall not be less than the specified setbacks at any given point on any side.


In case of building, which are existing prior to coming into force of these regulations, upper floors may be permitted according to the existing set backs only, but limiting the F.A.R. and no. of floors according to the present regulations, subject to production of foundation certificate by a registered engineer.


In case of irregular plots the setbacks are to be calculated according to the depth or width at the points where the depth or widths are varying, average setbacks shall not be considered in such cases.


The left and right setbacks may be interchanged by the authority in exceptional cases due to existing structures like: open well and also considering the topography of the land. However, this shall be resorted to by the Authority only as an exception.


Setbacks should be provided in the owner plots, public, open space or conservancy should not be considered as setbacks.


For garages no side or rear setbacks are to be insisted. One upper floor not exceeding 3m in height shall be permitted provided no openings as provided towards neighbouring buildings and least one opening for light and ventilation is provided towards the owners property.


Where lumber room is proposed in a portion of garage, the length of garage shall not exceed 1/3 of the length of the site but not more than 6 mts, in any case. In such cases the depth of the lumber room shall not exceed 1.25mts. And entrance to such lumber room shall be form the rear setback only. The width of garage shall not exceed 4 mts.


Garages shall be permitted in the rear right hand corner of the plot. In cases of buildings constructed or sanctioned prior to the enforcement of these regulations, where space is not available on right side, it may be permitted on the left side provided minimum set-back exists in the adjoining property of the left side.


In cases of corner plots the garage shall be located at the rear counter diagonally opposite to the road intersection.


The maximum width of the garage shall not exceed 4.0 mts.


The Garages shall not be constructed or reconstructed within 4.5 mts. from road edge. This may be relaxed in cases where the garage forms part of the main building with minimum setback for that plot.


For cinema theatres the setbacks and other provisions shall be as per the Karnataka Cinematography Act and Rules.


In case of two or more buildings, proposed in a single site, the setbacks shall be applied as if they are on a single common site.


In case of ‘High Rise buildings’, i.e., buildings with ground floor + four floors and above, the minimum setback all around the building shall be read with Table-2 and Group housing table.


For high rise buildings, NOCs form B.W.S.S.B ( if within its jurisdiction), KPTCL, Fire Force, Airport Authorities, and Telecommunications Department shall be furnished wherever applicable.


For group housing with ground+ three floors or below, NOCs form B.W.S.S.B. ( If applicable) and KPTCL only be furnished, if the sital area exceeds 4000sq. mts.

5-Floor Area, Covered Area, Height, F.A.R, etc.



The maximum number of floors, percentage of plot coverage, F.A.R., height of the building for different plot size with existing road width as limiting factor are given in the tables for various types of buildings such as residential, commercial, public, semi-public and industrial etc.


For the purpose of these regulations, the local authorities may classify different areas in their jurisdictions as intensely developed (Area 'A'), moderately developed (Area ’B’) and sparsely developed (Area ‘C’).


When two sides of the same area are included into two different areas like: A and B, or A and C, then the side of the other area shall also be treated as intensely populated area ( Area 'A’ ) upto one property depth.


When two sides of the same area are included in two different areas like: B and C, then the other areas classification shall be treated as moderately developed ( Area ‘B’ ) upto one property depth.

5.   a)

The floor area excludes the areas used for car parking, staircase room, lift room, ramp, escalators, ducts, water tanks, main sanitary ducts, open balcony and machine rooms.


When site do not face the road of required width noted, against each, then the F.A.R applicable to corresponding width of road shall apply. 


When a site faces wider road than the one prescribed against it, the F.A.R. shall be restricted only to the limit prescribed for the area of the particular site.


When coverage is less than the maximum prescribed in Table-3, more number of floors and height may be permitted to utilise the full F.A.R.

     e) The set backs and coverage are irrespective of road width.

Means of Access: The means of exclusive access which would be other than through public roads and streets shall not be more than 30 mts. Length form the existing public roads and streets. The minimum width of such access shall be 3.5 mts. F.A.R. and height of buildings coming up on such plots shall be regulated according to the width of public street or road. If the means of access exceeds 30 mts. In length, F.A.R. shall be regulated with reference to the width of such access road. Construction of buildings on plots with common access/lines from the public road/street shall be regulated according to width of such common access roads/lanes.


Width of Road: Road width means distance between the boundaries of a road including footways and drains measured at right angles at the center of the plot. In case of roads having service roads in addition to the main roads, the width of road shall be the aggregate width of service roads and main roads for determining F.A.R. and number of floors.


The height of the building coming within the landing and take off zones of Aircraft in the vicinity of aerodromes should not exceed the height indicated in Table-10.

9. Lifts will have to be provided for buildings with more than ground and three floors.

In case of commercial buildings or shopping centers and residential apartments, provision should be made for fire safety measures in accordance with requirements as stipulated by Fire Force Authorities before the issue of Occupancy Certificate.


Ramp: Ramp shall be provided with a minimum width of 3.50 mts. and slope of not more than 1 in 10. Ramp shall be provided after leaving a clear gap of minimum 2.0 mts. From the neighbouring properties.


When basement floor is proposed for car parking convenient entry and exit shall be provided. Adequate drainage, ventilation and light arrangements shall be made to the satisfaction of BMRDA.

6-Water Supply



Borewell shall be provided in all district shopping centers and residential apartments as an alternative source of water supply if the Bangalore Water Supply and Drainage Board desires and the strata is capable of yielding water.


When mixed uses are permitted in the ground floor on a site, the regulations of the predominant use shall be considered.

7-Exemption to open space


The following exemption to open space shall be permitted.


Projection into open space: Every open space provided either interior or exterior shall be kept free from any erection thereon shall be open to the sky and no cornice roof or weather shade more than 0.75 mts. Wide or 1/3 of open space whichever is less shall over hang or project over the said open space.


No projection shall over hang/project over the minimum setback area either in cellar floor or at the lower level of ground floor.


Cantilever Portico: Cantilever portico of 3 mts. width (maximum) and 4.5 mts. length (maximum) may be permitted within the side setback. No access is permitted to the top of the portico for using it as a sit out place and height of the portico shall not be less than 2 mts. from the plinth level. The portico is allowed only on the side where the setback/open space left exceeds 3 mts. in width.


Balcony: Balcony projection should not exceed 1/3 of the setback on that side subject to a maximum of 1.1 mts. in first floor and 1.75 mts. Beyond the second floor. No balcony is allowed in ground floor.
5. Cross wall connecting the building and compound wall may be permitted limiting the height of such wall to 1.5 mts.


8-Height Limitations


a. The height of the building shall be covered by the limitation of F.A.R., the frontage of the plots as stipulated in the respective tables.
b. If a building abuts on two or more streets of different widths then the height of the building shall be regulated according to the width of the wider road.
c. Buildings in the vicinity of aerodromes shall be regulated by the rules for giving NOC by Airport Authority of India.

9-Parking Space


Adequate space for car parking shall be provided in the premises subject to the  following:

1. Each off-street car parking space provided for motor vehicles shall not be less then 18 sq. mts. For motorcycle and scooter, the parking space provided shall not be less than 2.5 sq. mts. and 1.5 sq. mts. respectively and it shall be not more than 25% of the car parking space leaving clear space around the building for the movement of vehicles.


Off-street car parking space shall be provided with adequate vehicular access to a street and areas of drives of not less than 2.5 mts. Wide, aisles and such other provisions required for adequate manoeuvgering of vehicles excluding the parking space stipulated in these regulations.


No parking space shall be insisted upon the intensely built-up area upto 100 sq. mts. Of floor space.


Car parking shall not be provided in the setback areas. If provided, a minimum of 3.0 mts. Shall be left free from the building

10-In sanctioning the sub-division of a plot/land, the following standards shall be followed for Division of Plots.


1. Size of plots
2. Private streets, lanes etc. in residential areas
3. Private streets in sub-division of non-residential areas
4. Areas for open spaces and civic amenities
5. Civic Amenities
6. Shopping facilities
7. Parks, Open spaces and Play grounds
1.Size of Plots


No building plot resulting from the sub-division is smaller in the size than 0.4 hectare in the agricultural zone and 50 sq.mtrs. in all other zones. However, the Authority may relax this provision in case of sites formed for E.W.S and plot sub-divided due to family partitions.
2.Private streets, lanes etc. in residential areas shall confirm to the minimum widths noted below : 

Street In Residential Areas

1 Cul-de-sac :

7mt max length 100mts. with sufficient turning radius.

2 Roads in layouts for E.W.S : 7 mts.
3 Loop Streets :
a Residential streets upto length of 500 mts. : 9 mts.
b Residential streets above 500 mts. upto 1000 mts. : 12 mts.
c Residential streets above 1000mts : 15 mts.
4 Minor roads : 9 mts. to 12 mts.
5 Collector roads : 12 mts. to 15 mts.
6 Major roads : 15 mts. to 18 mts.
7 Arterial roads, intermediate ring roads : 18 mts. to 24 mts.
8 Ring roads (outer) : 30 mts. to 45 mts.

Note: Service or conservancy lanes at the back of the buildings may be permitted only when absolutely necessary as in the case of Row housing. No residential building shall be allowed to face service lanes when permitted shall have a minimum right of way of 7 mts.

3.Private streets in sub-division of non residential areas


a Commercial    Retail 


12 mts. width
15 mts. width
b Industrial and other non-residential areas


12 mts. width

4.Area For Open Spaces & Civic Amenities



Sanctioning of a layout plan for residential purpose shall be subject to the following condition.


The earmarked for residential sites shall be maximum of 55% of the total area.


The area earmarked for parks, playground shall be a minimum of 10% of the total extent.


The area earmarked for Civic amenities shall be a minimum of 5% of the total extent.


A maximum of 3% of the total area from out of the residential area may be earmarked for convenience shops on the request of the owners. Such shops sites shall be located only in one compact sub-block and shall not be scattered throughout any residential block in the layout.


If any area is still available for development in a layout after providing residential sites, parks and playgrounds and civic amenities as per (i), (ii) & (iii) above and roads to all the sub divided lands as per Regulation-14 of the zonal regulations then it shall be earmarked for civic amenities. 

   b) Sanction of a layout plan for non-residential purpose shall be subject to the following conditions:
i. 10% of the total area shall be earmarked for park and civic amenities.
ii. The minimum width of road shall not be less than 12 mts.
iii. 5% of the total area shall be reserved for parking purpose.

Note: It should also satisfy all the requirements stipulated, under section 17 of Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act and Section-32 of Bangalore Development Authority Act, 1976. Provided that if plot of official records at the time of commencement of these regulations is smaller than the minimum size specified for the zone in which it is located and compliance with requirements of these regulations is not feasible, the BMRDA may permit the plot to be used as a plot/site.

5.Civic Amenities


        Particulars Population per unit Area in hectares


Educational facilities

i) Nursery school
(age group of 3 - 6 yrs)
1,000 0.20 ( including play ground)
ii) Basic primary and higher primary school. 
(age group 6-14 years)
3,500 to 4,500 1.00 (including play ground)
iii) Higher Secondary School
(age group of 14-17 yrs
15,000 2.00 (including play ground)
iv) College 50,000 3.00 to 4.00
(including play ground)

Medical facilities

i) Dispensary 5,000 0.10
ii) Health center 20,000 0.40
c) Other facilities
i) Post & Telegraph 10,000 0.15
(Including staff quarters)
ii) Police station 10,000 0.20
iii) Religious building 3,000 0.10
iv) Filling station 15,000 0.50

6.Shopping Facilities


Particulars Population per unit Area in Hectare
Neighbourhood and convenience shopping
(3,000 -15,000 population)
3 shops/ 1,000 persons 10-15 sq.mts. area per shop

7.Parks, Open Spaces & Play Grounds


Sl no Category per unit Population Area in Hectares


Tot - lot 500 0.50
2. Children's Park 2,000 0.20
3. Neighbourhood playground 1,000 0.20
4. Neighbourhood park 5,000 0.80

11-Water Supply, Sewerage, Storm Water Drainage, Street  Light, Roads
and Electric Supply

The developer /applicant shall make adequate arrangements for water supply, sewerage, provision for drainage, street light, road and electric supply and  furnish details in the   Application enclosures as required.
12-Building Lines

Building line means the line up to which the plinth of a building adjoining a street may lawfully extend and includes the lines prescribed. Building lines as per Public Works Department norms for National and State Highways, District Roads and other Roads will have to be adhered, to.


1. If lands on which developments are planned are in voilation of existing provisions of the Lands Reforms Act, Urban Land Ceiling Act etc. no clearance will be given. The applicants should move the appropriate authorities for legal clearances / exemptions before approaching BMRDA.

2. The approval given by BMRDA will be valid for 2 years if the project is not completed by them, renewal application will be required to be made.