No. BMRDA /EST /36/96-97.                                                                                                                                             Date: 17-01-1997.


Sub:- Levy of penalty in respect of violations under

Section 10 of BMRDA Act 1985.

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                       It has come to the notice of the BMRDA that, the land owners/developers are violating the provision of section 10 of BMRDA Act 1985 by.

(i)                  Forming roads/layout in the lands prior to getting the land converted.

(ii)                Forming layouts/roads after conversion but without approval of BMRDA

(iii)               Forming of layouts based on the approvals obtained from Gram Panchayaths/local bodies.


     The above acts are violative of Section 10 of BMRDA Act 1985.  The Metropolitan Commissioner is empowered to impose penalties under Section 20 of the BMRDA Act 1985.  By considering all aspects and with a view to achieve the objectives enunciated under section 9 of BMRDA 1985 it is ordered to impose the following penalties on the agency/persons responsible for the acts of violation of BMRDA Act 1985 for according approval under section 10 of BMRDA Act.



Sl .        Type of violation                           Nature of                             Penalty to

No.                                                           action at                               be imposed

                                                                BMRDA                              in Rupees


   1. Formation of layout/roads prior         Issue of NOC                          Rs.2000/-per

    to getting the land converted.                For conversion                      acre.


2. Formation of layout after conver-         Approval of                           Rs.1000/-per

    sion without BMRDA approval.            Layout                               acre.


3. Formation of layout based on               Confirm layout                       Rs.1000/-per

   Approvals obtained from gram              out as per                              acre

   Panchayaths/local Authority prior          BMRDA

   To Gazette Notification dated                regulations &.

   25.07.96.                                             grant fresh





          The above penalties are imposed by exercising the powers under section 20 of the BMRDA Act 1985 and shall come into force with immediate effect.



           Metropolitan Commissioner,

Bangalore Metropolitan Region

                                                                                                                                    Development Authority,